a.k.a. Marine Toad or Cane Toad

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Description: The Giant Toad (a.k.a. Marine Toad or Cane Toad) is the largest of the frogs and toads found in Florida. The giant toad is not native to the United States. It was originally released in the U.S. in sugar cane fields to help control “white grubs,” larvae of pest Scarabaeidae. B. marinus became established in southern Florida as result of accidental release of about 100 specimens from the stock of a pet dealer at Miami airport in 1955, and by subsequent releases by pet dealers in the 1960s (Krakauer, 1968). Giant Toads are a highly predacious exotic species that will eat all types of native frogs and toads. This species is skilled at locating all types of food, they have even been known to eat pet food.

The Warhawks (7-5, 3-2 SSAC East) took an early 5-0 lead just three minutes into the contest and held an 8-0 bulge with six minutes gone as the Badgers missed their first six field goal attempts and committed five early turnovers.

What that means exactly is unclear. He argues for government regulators and lawmakers to act as watch guards by creating and enforcing privacy laws,rather than snacking on pigs , for example. But what he also wants is a new noblesse oblige, the idea that the privileged act with generosity to those less fortunate. More than doing charity,on Sunday, the tech 1 percent need to cultivate a greater sense of responsibility for the greater societal good.

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But the real question is, why do we allow our government to monitor the movements of innocent citizens 24/7? If we’re not breaking any law, our government has no need to know where we are or what we’re doing. That is not government’s business.